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How to skyrocket yourself to success

Finding Balance for Entrepreneurs

Dr. Jennifer Jones

Dr. Jennifer Jones is is a nationally acclaimed psychologist and expert in the science of success, relationships, and happiness. In particular, her expertise lies in helping executives and entrepreneurs realize their potential. She has been featured on national television and travels internationally as a featured speaker. Dr. Jennifer’s unique approach integrates positive psychology, organizational psychology, and neuropsychology with the wisdom of humanistic theory, attachment theory & holistic healing. Dr. Jones has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has studied at the University of Oregon, Alliant University, and UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. She has a private practice in Pacific Palisades, California.

Her upcoming book "Entrepreneur Shift: Mastering the Psychology of Success" teaches how to develop your full potential.

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"It's my mission to help people realize their potential so that they can manifest their dreams into reality.

Dr. Jennifer Jones, January 2012,
Pacific Palisades, CA

SHIFT advanced experiential program

Shift is an advanced experiential program based in neuroscience and the psychology of success. It is designed specifically for companies with a conscious business practice that understand the value of happy and productive employees. This workshop has been proven to manifest rapid and intense personal growth, with participants showing significant increases in confidence, self-awareness, leadership, mindfulness, and adaptability. You will journey together with the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Jones on a path of rapid and intense personal growth. With over a decade of experience shifting entrepreneurs using an integrated neuroscience/psychology approach, Dr. Jennifer will ensure that you will be shifted emotionally, physically and in your business to allow access your true potential for happiness and success. Shift is available for one day or five days.

Experts in the Science of Success

As a psychologist, I ache to spread the knowledge my field has to everyone. I feel it's a basic human right to understand the best tools to be your ideal you! So, I'm hand-picking my favorite experts. Those who really know what they are talking about. No self-proclaimed gurus here. Only Ph.D. level psychologists and the most successful founders, executives and entrepreneurs will share what strategies they use and what science tells us about laying the foundations to success.

Coming in March: Jason Nazar, C.E.O. Docstoc, Mike Jones, C.E.O., Science

Advanced Entrepreneurial Coaching

As an executive or entrepreneur, you know more than most that what's going on internally effects your business. From pitching potential investors, to media interviews, to public speaking, being a successful C.E.O. is about much more than a good education and hard work. It requires confidence, clarity, and a balance of power and charisma, all which need to be authentic. I have seen many C.E.O.s fail because they lacked these skills. It's a shame, really, because in just a few months of advanced coaching, they would have been over their issues. Time and time again, we see that the most successful executives and entrepreneurs are taking care of business externally, and also actively working on their internal life.


Dr. Jennifer Jones has worked with top executives at some of the biggest corporations as well as some of the most innovative start-ups such as Facebook and Google to local Silicon Beach start-ups and non-profit leaders. She gets what it takes and gets you there quickly. Dr. Jones combines the goal-oriented approach of coaching with the deeper and more effective treatment of a licensed psychologist. The executive and entrepreneurial coaching program is a five-fold process which will help you to identify areas in your life and career to enhance or minimize, assess your strengths and identify needs, determine specific measurable outcomes, custom design an action plan and then achieve your goals.